6. How to do Settings of a Page?



This is how you do settings of a page


Step 1. Select your Project

Step 2. Select your biolink page

Step 3. Click on settings

Step 4. You can edit your custom URL, set image, Title, Description

Step 5. Click on Branding

Step 6. you can enter name and URL of branding and also enable/disable their display

Step 7. Click on Analytics

Step 8. There you can add  Google Analytics ID and  Facebook Pixel

Step 9. Click on Socials

Step 10. There you can add  Email, Telephone, Whatsapp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, SoundCloud,                          LinkedIn, Spotify, Pinterest (buttons of them will be added on page)

Step 11. Click on Protection

Step 12. Set Password of your page its optional

Step 13. On Styling you can select Font, Text color, Background, and Buttons color

Step 14. Click Update at below and it will all be saved




Last updated on: 22 January, 2021